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Neighbor to Neighbor

Communication is a vital part of life in Croatan. Neighbor to Neighbor is available for Croatan residents to share items of interest with their fellow neighbors.

Under Emergency Preparedness you will find information addressing hurricane/emergency/disaster planning and preparedness.

Neighborhood Security lists the contact for our Security Patrol and information on security alerts and liaison with the Second Precinct.

Here you will also find a list of Recommended Services that neighbors have been pleased with.

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Collecting Books and Magazines

The following neighbors collect books and magazines from Croatan neighbors:

Michele Speight: Teen Crisis Intervention (teen appropriate magazines).

Betty Rosignolo: Books for Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital Auxiliary.

Regina Oswalt: Books for Virginia Oncology Associates.

Welcome Wagon

The Croatan Civic League sponsors a welcome wagon. Contact Katie Ripberger or phone 757-434-6450 if you know of new Croatan neighbors.

Wildlife Rescue

Because of our proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Camp Pendleton and Lake Christine, you may need to aid marine mammals and wildlife in distress.

If you have additional ideas about how we can use this section of our website, please contact Sylvia Vance or Marian Kitchin.