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Croatan Civic League Board Members

President, Events Bill Garvey
Vice President, Neighborhood Security Mike Kelly
Secretary Amanda Robinson
Treasurer, Annual Dinner Billy Moore
Director, Membership/Directory Billy Moore
Director Deborah Kurtz
Director, Spring Fling Larry Kurtz
Director Robert Lougen
Director Regina Oswalt
Director, Welcome Wagon/Logo Wear/RIF Katie Ripberger
Director Amanda Robinson
Director, Landscaping/Rock 'n' Roll Cheryl Garvey
Director Sandy Rosenberg
Director Nik Biberaj
Director Jim Skarbek
Director Connie Agresti
Committee Chairs
External Contacts Ken Jobe
Newsletter/Website/Nextdoor Marian Kitchin
Surfing Wes Laine
Halloween Party/Parade Amber Torgerson
Neighborhood Email Martha Davenport
Landscaping Cheryl Garvey
President, Women's Club Nicole Ziegler
Leaders, Book Club Bettie Cholewa
Diane Maurice

* Elections are held October of each year and terms start and end at that time.