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Civic League Information


The Croatan Civic League is an organization formed of volunteer residents of Croatan who promote and protect community interests. It is led by a Board that is elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting in the fall of each year. The Board serves as the voice of the community in dealings with city, state and local government. They are the first people to contact if you have a concern related to the neighborhood.

The Croatan Civic League strives continuously to improve the neighborhood. In addition to serving as the voice of the community, it organizes neighborhood clubs and social events, provides a private security police officer during the summer months, coordinates a neighborhood email and alert system, operates a Welcome Wagon to greet new residents, maintains this website and publishes a monthly newsletter as well as a neighborhood directory. CCL publishes the directory bi-annually and distributes it to members. Non-members may purchase one for $10.

Croatan Civic League Membership Form