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Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for an emergency requires proper planning. One should know what to do in case of hurricanes/tropical storms, flash floods, and tornadoes as well as other emergencies. Supplies should be stocked, families should know what their emergency plans are, they should be aware of evacuation plans for the area, and alternative communication strategies should be identified. The links to the left will provide more information about different kinds of emergencies. In addition more detailed information about how to stay safe during an emergency is available at:

City of Virginia Beach:
Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia Department of Emergency Management
National Hurricane Center
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Weather Tracking Info

We highly recommend that each Croatan family visit City of Virginia Beach website shown above and obtain a custom hurricane report for your home. Click on download custom hurricane report. Enter your property address. At that point you will be given four rather interesting choices regarding your home - 1. a quick map, 2. a hurricane report, 3. Geo-information, and 4. tax information. Each of these contains interesting information which should be reviewed. For hurricane planning the custom report is invaluable. The report will differ for each part of Croatan due to differences in the surge maps resulting from various categories of storms.

A listing of all City shelters maybe found at the same site under Emergency Shelters. The City recommends that Croatan use the Corporate Landing Middle School for a shelter.

Other information available on the site include storm surge maps, actions to take before, during and after the event, evacuation routes, additional family planning information including plans for seniors, the disabled, pets, home cleanup and renovation.